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petty cash vouchers

Any funds missing from petty cash will be charged to the responsible department and the custodian may be subject to disciplinary action for any violations of this policy contributing to the loss of funds. An authorized petty cash fund administered by a named custodian for use by one department or organization for a specified purpose. A petty cash fund maintained by a department for the purpose of making change at a retail sales unit or medical clinic. Vouchers and receipts that are older than 90 days will not be reimbursed. To ensure proper balancing of the petty cash fund, these funds cannot be combined with any other funds. The custodian of petty cash should sign the receipt to indicate that he authorized the funds.

This sum is the total withdrawn from the account during that time period. The reconciliation process ensures that the fund’s remaining balance equals the difference between the original balance minus charges detailed on receipts and invoices. If the remaining balance is less than what it should be, there is a shortage. If the remaining balance is more than what it should be, there is an overage.

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However, a larger company may need a separate fund for each division (e.g., building, office or department), in which case two people per division will be provided with access to petty cash. The particular person who makes the petty cash payment may not have access to a company card or check. To provide an official receipt of payment from the recipient of all petty cash disbursements. In any given month, a custodian will make various disbursements from the petty cash fund.

  • The petty cash custodian requests and receives cash from company’s regular checking account in an amount which returns cash on hand to the amount stated in general ledger account Petty Cash when replenishing the petty cash fund.
  • If a custodian change is required, a reconciliation of the fund must be performed and submitted to Treasury Services together with form 2815 FR.03 Petty Cash Fund Request that includes the name of the new designated custodian.
  • Debit balance on the Cash Over and Short account represents a shortage , whereas a credit means an overage .
  • On the other hand, you can download your PDF Documents and store them on your computer.
  • Petty cash appears within the current assets section of the balance sheet.

Larger businesses that tend to have a separate petty cash fund in each division set the size of the float and purchase limit at each location based on the division’s specific requirements. Though the petty fund is available in cash and can be considered cash on hand, the cash on hand is not always petty cash. The frequency at which petty cash is withdrawn differs hugely from organization to organization. For example, a small shopkeeper needs to have more cash readily available than a big organization, mostly settling payments through checks. Church Donation ReceiptA donation receipt is an important document that serves as a verification and proof of the donation.

What Is an Example of Petty Cash?

The check is cashed and the money is placed under the control of one designated individual. This ensures that one individual can be held responsible for all the cash in the fund. These expenditures include items such as postage, delivery expense, and minor office supplies (e.g., coffee).

How do you enter a petty cash voucher?

  1. No.
  2. Date – Enter the date that the petty cash receipt is prepared.
  3. Pay To – Enter the name of the payee who received the petty cash disbursement.
  4. $ (Dollar Amount) – Enter the total amount of the payment.
  5. Description – Enter a brief, but specific explanation of what the funds were used for.

Read about transactions using petty cash, its advantages and its disadvantages. Rental Deposit ReceiptIn a rental business, deposit receipts are provided by the landlord to its tenants petty cash vouchers as proof of payment for their rental deposit. Landlords are expected to request for a security deposit from their new tenant at the start of a lease or upon signing of the contract.

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In the event funds are lost or stolen, the custodian must immediately notify Treasury Services of the loss. In the event of a loss or a series of losses that exceed $100.00 the custodian must contact Yale University Police to file a police report. Police reports for losses or series of losses under $100.00 are optional.

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